In United Nations today, official asks researcher to help fight hunger

At the United Nations today, diplomats and foreign policy experts know that everything in life must be balanced (a principle we emphasize in guided meditation). People of all countries need to be nourished in mind and in spirit, but also, quite critically, in body. That is why an official at the UN is asking scientists to help mitigate poverty and hunger in developing countries.

"One of the great challenges we have today is to use academic knowledge to understand and improve the life of rural populations throughout the world," said Graziano da Silva, director-general of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization. "To do so, we need to look at the reality outside of university walls," he added.

In an address to the World Congress of Rural Sociology, delivered in Lisbon, Portugal, da Silva pointed to several factors that health scientists may consider when trying to revitalize food production worldwide. These included the security of foodstuffs, nutritional insufficiencies, the safety of certain products and the unfair advantage enjoyed by large farming groups over small or solo farms.

Clearly, the world needs help attaining not only peace of mind, but also nourishment of the body. The UN is asking scientists to help, while Eastern philosophers and meditation experts are doing their part to help humanity reconnect mind and body.

Consider consciousness raising activities this summer vacation

For most people summer vacation means activity. They try to cram many different activities – possibly even extensive travelling – into their one week off. However, individuals may want to think this summer about spending some time trying to reach a higher consciousness.

It can be very difficult to find the time during everyday life to meditate or practice yoga. There are always family responsibilities and of course more work to be done. These things not only take up time, but they also rob people of their mental vigor and vitality. Even if it is possible to find a few minutes at the end of each day to meditate, most people simply don't have the energy.

That is why people should consider taking advantage of their time off to engage in these types of consciousness raising activities. Spending portions of each day meditating for an entire week may help individuals develop habits that continue past the vacation.

Everyday life does not typically accommodate consciousness raising activities. This is why individuals need to take advantage of the opportunities that come up to make the most of their own minds.

A higher consciousness may help you battle high blood pressure


In certain cases, an individual's high blood pressure has less to do with physiological factors than it does mental issues. For instance, constant worriers may find that they have elevated readings, even if they have a normal body weight.

While it's always important for individuals with cardiovascular problems to consult with a physician, there are some things you can do on your own to help obtain a normal blood pressure reading.

Through meditation, many people have found a higher consciousness that allows them to worry less and focus more on positive thoughts and memories. This kind of mind-strengthening can have a spill-over effect and potentially lead to a healthier body as well.

Moreover, consciousness raising requires relatively simple actions, such as focusing on the present moment, continuing education, avoiding negative thoughts and being aware of the thoughts and feelings of others.

It may not work for everyone, but meditation comes without side effects, so it may be worth a try to see if this holistic healing method works for you.

Peace of mind can be achieved through good living


Perhaps the most intuitive way to reach peace of mind is by ridding yourself of negative thoughts, and this can be easy to do if you make a conscious effort each day to do right by yourself and others.

Treating yourself well means getting plenty of exercise, eating regular, balanced meals and practicing mind-body exercises like yoga and meditation. All of these efforts combined are powerful at strengthening a person's overall well-being.

Being good to those around you can entail simply listening to others, as well as more significant efforts, like helping out an elderly neighbor with yard work or delivering meals to struggling friends and loved ones.

Finding peace may be as easy as living a life in which you promote your own wellness and are caring about other people's health and happiness.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has written many books on the subject of finding peace and reaching enlightenment through good health and universal love.  Additionally, the trailblazer believes that mind-body practices like yoga and meditation can assist people in their journeys toward personal growth.

Many books and resources can contribute to consciousness raising

There are many things people can do to encourage a change in global consciousness. Getting people to think more about loving their fellow man, living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the planet can be as easy as striking up a conversation.

Moreover, today's technology-driven world allows individuals to take to the blogosphere to spread their ideas of love and harmony to potentially millions of people all over the world.

Joining peace groups can also help in this effort, as these organizations have made significant strides in encouraging love and unity while shunning negative movements.

One way people can contribute to a wide-scale consciousness shift is by reading the teachings of intuitives and philosophers – like Dahn Yoga founder Ilchi Lee – and discussing these ideas with others.

Lee's latest book, The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, was recently named one of the New York Times' Best Sellers, meaning that Lee's message has already reached a huge audience.

Individuals who want to make the world a better place are already helping to do so just by thinking positive thoughts, but a more united planet will also take action.


Peace of mind is within reach

For many people, happiness is a just barely unattainable goal because they are unable to clear their mind of negative ideas and worries. Moreover, these ideas can cause stress in the body, which, over time, can lead to heart problems, slowed cognition and unexplained pains.

As such, peace of mind is a worthy goal for all people, especially those who find that their heads are usually clouded with negativity. So, how does one achieve a higher consciousness?

There are several ways in which individuals can expand their minds and clear their heads of distracting thoughts. One such avenue is through meditation, a technique in which practitioners strive to slow their thought process and focus on their breath.

Meditation has been touted for centuries as a way to develop a higher consciousness, improve physical and mental well-being and connect with one's own body.

Individuals may also want to consider reading books aimed at gaining peace of mind. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has penned literature that has helped many people attain a stronger sense of self and a clear head.


A higher consciousness is possible through meditation


You may find that it's all too easy to occupy your thoughts with the worries of yesterday or tomorrow. This is unfortunate for many reasons, not least of which is that it leads to a somewhat shallow consciousness.

When you're only thinking about events or details that cannot contribute to your growth, your scope of thinking has little opportunity to expand. However, many believe that reaching a higher consciousness is the result of years of meditation.

During meditation, the practitioner attempts to push aside the constant stream of thoughts going through their head. It may be difficult for beginners to achieve, so it's a good idea to aim to simply slow the thought process. Advanced meditators are able to achieve a completely calm mind.

It may take patience, as all good things do, but when you are able to find peace within your own head, you will find that it affects your entire being – mentally, physically and spiritually.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has a number of books and instructional videos aimed at helping people get the most out of their meditation practice.

Finding peace requires a thorough search

There are lucky times when people stumble upon good fortune – whether it be finding a dollar on the sidewalk or narrowly avoiding catastrophe. However, finding peace is not so simple.

Attaining a more peaceful existence requires a consciousness shift, a change in the way one views themselves as well as those around them.

For example, many individuals have the instinct to view situations or other people in terms of flaws or conflicts that need to be corrected. While this kind of thinking may lead to problem-solving in certain instances, it can also overwhelm a person with negativity.

Finding peace is a matter of making a conscious effort to view everything you see in a positive light, no matter how glaring its negative aspects may be. This kind of mindset takes time and effort to fully attain, but once the benefits of hopeful living set in, you will see the true value of a peaceful mind.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee encourages all people to shift their consciousness toward positivity in an effort to make the planet a more unified place to live.


Higher consciousness may lead to peace on Earth

Reaching a higher consciousness can have many benefits. It can enable a person to view the aspects of their life more realistically and help make life's responsibilities a little easier to handle. However, it may also lead to a more peaceful planet.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee says that the only way to achieve peace on Earth is for everyone to realize that they are actually citizens of the planet and to put this allegiance ahead of their racial, religious or national identities. In order to reach this point many people around the world will have to develop new understandings of many things.

This type of advancement in thinking does not happen automatically. Individuals must work to raise their consciousness. Only then will it become clear that violence and conflict are actually extremely counterproductive, and peace is the only viable option.

The vast majority of wars and other types of conflicts are caused by people failing to realize how related they are to their fellow man. Only when populations across the globe reach the level of consciousness necessary to realize their interrelations can peace on Earth be achieved.


A global consciousness is needed to produce peace

In order for the nations of the world to end their conflicts and allow people to live in peace, there will need to be higher levels of cooperation between people from all walks of life. A global consciousness is needed to help people understand how to live in harmony.

This idea is the essence of author and philosopher Ilchi Lee's Earth Citizen idea. He says that the only way for the world to fully realize its potential for peace is for people to put aside their religious, national and ethnic identities. In place of these ideals, individuals should grasp the notion that we are all citizens of Earth, first and foremost.

When more people recognize this fact, there is a chance for peace on Earth. However, individuals will need to radically change the way they look at things. To accomplish this, a different type of awareness is needed. The people of the world will need to develop a global consciousness.

In pursuit of this ultimate goal, people should begin to give greater consideration to how their actions affect others. The more people adopt this type of attitude, the more it will spread throughout the society.


Calming the mind can lead to a higher consciousness

Attaining a higher consciousness is a primary goal of many people. It seems nearly everyone would like to get more out of their brain. However, people individuals understand how to go about achieving this.

One of the best ways to boost consciousness may be to first seek peace of mind. This can be attained through meditation and other practices that center the mind and clear away unnecessary thoughts. A still mind is a peaceful one, and peace may have numerous other benefits.

When a person limits their thoughts and exorcises the superfluous, they become capable of devoting more of their attention and brain power to matters of consciousness. Over time, this may prepare an individual to lift their awareness to new levels that they never thought possible.

Despite the clear benefits of simply finding peace of mind, many people still look for other methods to improve their consciousness. The sale of nutritional supplements purporting to boost brain power remains high. However, all that may be necessary to support the mind is a few minutes each day of quiet contemplation.

International groups help make universal peace a possibility

Universal peace is a lofty goal, one that may seem extremely unlikely and far away. However, there are bodies in place that may help push the planet toward this ultimate goal and put an end to conflict in all corners of the world.

For example, the United Nations history is full of instances in which the group intervened in situations to prevent bloodshed and create more peaceful nations. The collection of governments may be responsible for more peace missions than just about any other group in the world.

It is an unfortunate sign that there is still such a tremendous need for the United Nations. Ideally, people of the world would have progressed past a desire to settle their differences through confrontation and conflict. However, the group helps ensure that states that have not reached this point do not get out of line.

The existence of the United Nations enables the planet to take greater strides in the direction of peace. The assurance provided by an international body working in unison allows individual nations to focus their attention on curing their domestic ills and fostering peace at home.

United Nations gives universal peace a chance

Many people may wonder how there will ever be universal peace when the various nations of the world have very different interests. Can cooperation exist among states that are competing with each other for ever-dwindling resources?

The United Nations today is a good example of how trust and cooperation can exist among a diverse group of governments. The organization may be one of the world's best hopes for a peaceful future.

While there may not be agreement from all factions of the body on every issue, there is at least an understanding that representatives from various governments will try to work through their differences in a peaceful and constructive manner. This can help defuse many situations that may otherwise progress into violence and conflict.

Given the prevalence of strife in the world, it may be difficult to believe that universal peace is at all within grasp. However, the United Nations continues to serve a function that may at least prevent situations from worsening. This gives peace efforts a chance where before they may not have had one.

Finding peace in life is key to fulfillment

Have you ever wondered how to reach a higher consciousness? Many people desire reaching an elevated state of mind, but don't know how to go about attaining this. One of the best ways may be to pursue peace in all aspects of life.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee says that peace and harmony are among the most important things a person can think about in life. They can serve as a foundation upon which to build a fulfilling life that enables people attain their dreams.

Many people search for ways to find peace in their life. They try all sorts of different methods to calm their minds and focus their thoughts. However, few people realize that starting their efforts by spreading peace to others may bring the greatest amount of happiness and fulfillment.

Additionally, this endeavor can help individuals reach a higher consciousness. By encouraging peace throughout society and finding calmness within oneself, individuals may be able to turn their thoughts to weightier matters. This may be among the best ways to attain mental clarity and fulfillment.

Little things in life add up to set a peace philosophy in action

What could the world be like if more people worked to put their peace philosophy in action? It's hard to say, but there is a good chance there would be far less suffering and conflict. When everyone decides to put aside their differences and live in harmony, violence and aggression may completely cease.

Still, the demands of everyday life can make it difficult for individuals to make pursuing peace a central component of their life. How can anyone be expected to lead major efforts to inspire peace while also taking care of their familial and professional responsibilities?

One way may be to work to align personal development goals with a peace philosophy. By sowing the seeds of peace into every action taken throughout the day, individuals may be able to cultivate a life in which they do not need to take extra time out to encourage peace. Their daily actions will already accomplish this.

These types of actions can include anything from being a little more friendly with a cashier to holding a door open for someone. Setting a peace philosophy in action doesn't have to take extravagant efforts. It's the little things in life that can inspire peers to live more harmoniously.

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